Welcome to my website! Things are a little mixed-up. Click to find out why! This website is in the midst of a MASSIVE overhaul. I have a bunch of new projects coming, so I wanted to freshen things up a bit. I am: Redoing my bio. Uploading new art. Adding lots of content and “behind the pen” stories. Adding author visit information–so I can come to visit your library or school and meet YOU. […]

Website Do-Over

Sun shining. I’m inside writing. Sort of. The words EPIC FAIL were probably originated when used to describe my success as a blogger. Look, it’s not for lack of desire. I want to have pen-pal (or e-pal) relationships with every kid/reader/fan. I want to know what you are thinking, what you are doing, where you are going, why you do all the groovy things you do. (And what sorts of things are you doing […]

Summer is Back. Me Too.

Been a long time. Again. Sitting here at a coffee shop, deeply inspired to check in with my web site visitors because I’m turning to you for HELP! I am stuck inside the vortex of someone else’s conversation. ANNOYING conversation. And I need to keep working here, despite the noise. What’s a writer to do? Well, you tell me! I always listen close and look for details that inform my current (and future) stories. […]