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What it’s about: Taryn and Jeff have lived next door to each other their whole lives. It never really seemed to matter that they were a girl and a boy — they were just friends. But when they hit sixth grade, everything changes . . . whether they want it to or not.

What it looks like:

What some people say: “Taryn and Jeff have been best friends since their diaper-wearing days. Now that they are in the sixth grade, Taryn notices a change in Jeff. Sometimes he ridicules her when other students are near. She, in turn, gives him the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Jeff makes the soccer team and Taryn becomes a team leader for the school carnival. On the day of the carnival, Taryn is relieved when Jeff and his soccer buddies help her out of a jam. The next day, Taryn joins Jeff on his porch. As they head inside to play video games, Taryn trips and lands on Jeff. Jeff helps Taryn up, and the butterflies that she suddenly feels only subside when she reminds herself that they are just friends. Middle readers will find this adorable story fun to read. The chapters alternate between Taryn’s and Jeff’s point of view. Dower’s story demonstrates how best friends are able to resolve their problems. Besides friendship, Dower addresses crushes, annoying siblings, peer pressure, and self-confidence. This title is a good choice for preadolescent girls and boys, even if their best friend does not live next door.”                                   –Childrens Literature

Rewind: A Novel

What it’s about:

What it looks like:

Monster Squad

#1: The Slime That Would Not Die

#2: Return of Mega-Mantis

#3: The Beast With 1000 Eyes

#4: They Came From Planet Q

From the Files of Madison Finn

#1: Only the Lonely

#2: Boy, Oh Boy

#3: Play It Again

#4: Caught in the Web

#5: Thanks for Nothing

#6: Lost and Found

#7: Save the Date

#8: Picture-Perfect

#9: Just Visiting

#10: Give and Take

#11: Heart to Heart

#12: Lights Out!

#13: Sink or Swim

#14: Double Dare

#15: Off the Wall

#16: Three is a Crowd

#17: On the Case

#18: Give Me a Break

#19: Keep It Real

#20: All That Glitters

#21: Forget Me Not

#22: All Shook Up

Super Special #1: To Have and To Hold

Super Special #2: Hit the Beach

Super Special #3: Friends till the End

For Girls Only: Everything Great About Being A Girl

I Will Remember You: What to do when someone you love dies

Real Teens: Diary of a Junior Year (Books #1— #6)

1999 YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

Unauthorized Biographies (writing as Jo Hurley)

Bella of the Ball: Kristen Stewart

Pop People: Britney Spears

Hangin’ with Hilary Duff


Scooby-Doo and the Curse of the Lake Monster (Scholastic 2010)

Littlest Pet Shop #1: New Pup on the Block (Scholastic 2009)—writing as Jo Hurley

Littlest Pet Shop #2: Scaredy-Pet (Scholastic 2009)—writing as Jo Hurley

The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo’s Rising (Scholastic Inc. 2000) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls: Bubble Trouble (Scholastic Inc. 2000) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey See, Doggy Do (Scholastic Inc. 2000) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls: Paste Makes Waste (Scholastic Inc. 2000) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls Save Valentine’s Day (Scholastic Inc. 2001)—original

New York Times Best-selling Children’s Paperback (#9, January 28, 2001)

The Powerpuff Girls: Down and Dirty (Scholastic Inc. 2001) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls: Beat Your Greens (Scholastic Inc. 2001) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls Teacher’s Pets (4 mini-books) (Scholastic Inc. 2001)—original

The Powerpuff Girls: Bought and Scold (Scholastic Inc. 2001) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls: Fishy Business (Scholastic Inc. 2001) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls: Let the Fur Fly (Scholastic Inc. 2002) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls: Three Girls and A Monster (Scholastic Inc. 2002) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls and the Mixed-Up Valentine (Scholastic Inc. 2002)—original

The Powerpuff Girls Save Halloween (Scholastic Inc. 2002)—original

The Powerpuff Girls: Bubbles Bedazzled! (Scholastic Inc. 2003)—original

The Powerpuff Girls: Triple Trouble (Scholastic Inc. 2003)—original

The Powerpuff Girls: The Fight Before Christmas (Scholastic Inc. 2003) —adaptation

The Powerpuff Girls Not So Awesome Blossom (Scholastic Inc. 2004) —adaptation

Star Wars: Meet the Jedi High Council (Scholastic Inc. 2000)

Scooby-Doo’s Guide to Life: Just Say Ruh-Roh! (Scholastic Inc. 1999)

Animorphs Secret Handbook/Flipbook (Scholastic Inc. 1998)

The Goosebumps Scare-A-Day Calendar (Parachute Press/Scholastic Inc. 1997)


The Truth or Dare Book (Scholastic Inc. 1998)

Starring Me! Diary (Tangerine Press, 1999)

Daydreams and Doodles with Pablo Torrecilla (Tangerine Press, 2000)

Starring Me! And You Diary (Tangerine Press, 2000)

Magnetic Word Diary (Tangerine Press, 2000)

Poem Maker Journal (Tangerine Press, 2002)

Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama 1: Pop Party (Scholastic Inc. 2001)–writing as Jo Hurley

Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama 2: Music Mania (Scholastic Inc. 2001)–writing as Jo Hurley

Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama 3: Screen Scene (Scholastic Inc. 2001)–writing as Jo Hurley

How to Play the Recorder! (Tangerine Press, 2002)¾writing as Jo Hurley

Secret Spy SuperEar (Tangerine Press, 2003)–writing as Jo Hurley

Scribbles and Secrets with Pablo Torrecilla (Tangerine Press, 2004)

My Stylebook (Tangerine Press, 2003)–writing as Jo Hurley

Shrek 2: Road-Trippin’ Back Seat Shrektivity Book (Scholastic Inc. 2004)

Shrek 2: Fiona and Shrek’s Slide Show (Scholastic Inc. 2004)

Scooby Doo and the Phantom Prankster—writing as Jo Hurley (Scholastic Inc. 2005)

The Super Scooby Doo Fun Book—writing as Jo Hurley (Scholastic Inc. 2005)

The Dog Pass Book—writing as Jo Hurley (Scholastic Inc. 2005)

Zoey 101 Guided Journal—writing as Jo Hurley (Scholastic 2006)

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  1. i love your madfinn books! they are amazing!

  2. plz make a bigfishbowl
    it wuld b so much fun 2 have a key pal like madison hada vicky aka bigwheels

    p.s. i lurv ur books!!!!!!!!

  3. plz make a bigfishbowl
    it wuld b so much fun 2 have a key pal like madison hada vicky aka bigwheels

    p.s. i luv ur books!!!!!!!!

  4. i LOVEyour maddie finn books i am in the middle of the book play it again i have read these bo0ks to:only the lonley,boy,oh boy.
    yours till the gumdrops drops

  5. i love your series of madison finn so good where did you get the ideas

  6. your books rock!!

  7. my fav madison finn book is no. 2! it had so much drama. i finished it in only 2 hours!

  8. yes u should make a bigfishbowl! i would be the first one to sign up for it 😀


    March 12, 2011 at 2:42 pm


  10. omg you need to write more madison finn books.
    also i agree with fabidoll you should make a :)

  11. please please please make a please thx your da best :)

  12. Your books are awsome i wished that i had them should make more books like THE BOY NEXT DOOR.PPlleeaassee

  13. Heyy..i love ur books..!!
    and like everyone..i agree that you should make a bigfish bowl..
    it would be SOOOO COOLL to have a keypal like victoria a.k.a Bigwheels..
    I will be ‘happier than happy” if you do this for your fans across the world..!!!!

  14. i luv madison finn books i wish hart maddie fiona amiee and the others especially will phinny the dog maddies dad her dads friend her mom egg and posion ivy i wonder how hart really looks lik im in 5th grade and right now i am reading a super addition book its great #3 friends till the end

  15. I really love Madison Finn! Please make I would be happier than happy!
    Are you ever going to continue Madison Finn? I really would want you to. So many people can relate to what Maddie is going through. It would be cool if you made Grade 8 Maddie, because I’m going into Grade 8 next year. :)
    I’m reading #9 Just Visiting. (I read them out of order.) xD

  16. oh my gosh it’s so weird how everyone loves the madfinn books cuz I luv them 2!
    i’m almost done with boy oh boy and its awesome but I wish aimee won not ivy! but i still <3 the maddie books!

    yours till the cotton candies!

  17. i love all the madison finn books i’ve read so far and ever since i’ve heard of big fish i wanted to sign up!

  18. I luv the book of madison finn.they are all interesting,,,especially the story about all shook up… i love the ending when hart kissed madison….

  19. hi,
    i am one of your biggest fans i love all of the madison finn series i will get them all :)

  20. hey i like your books the best of them all are off the wall. i agree you should make a bigfishbowl for us. we talk t2 people all ova the world like madison talked t2 bigwheels.

  21. R u going to write more Madison Finn or it ended? ‘Cause i want to find out. Can you The Boy Next Door 2? It just a suggestion. I really love your books. I love all your books especially The boy next door. I really wish you will write The Boy Next Door 2.

  22. PLZZZZZ MAKE THE NXT BOOK OF FROM THE FILES OF MADISON FINN I LOVE SERIES AND THIS IS MY BEST YET I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN AFTERR MADISON FOUND OUT ABOUTT HARTT can u make lik an extra EXTRA SUPER EDITION #1 i read all of them in just 5 days and the special edition ones i finish each one in a day i got addicted on readin cause i lik bookss tht r lik actually real lif it will b superr if u made the comtinuous book madison goin to 8 th grade plzzz

  23. can you make another book like”The Boy Next Doot”?

  24. OneWhoRemembers

    April 5, 2011 at 12:24 am

    Haha I remember reading the Madison Finn books in the 4th and 5th grade . . . I used to love them! I basically read like two a day until I finished them all and then just reread my collection over and over again. I’m a sophomore (1oth grade) now and I just saw one of the books in my library and remembered how much I looked up to Madison Finn and decided to google the series. Ah, good times.

  25. yea the madison finn books r really good!!!!!!


  27. u should make a fish bowl plz make one

  28. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez make bigfishbowl! I have always wanted to register for that. It would be AWESOME!

  29. u are amazing.can you do a continuation of boy next door??i love the bboook

  30. Hi! =) I from Russia. I very much like books about Medison Finn. They are fantastic! In their Russia only 15.

  31. Someone secret

    May 2, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    OMG seriously your madison finn books rock!!!! i haave the WHOLE series and i have read each one twice

    plz plz plz make new ones and ship them to jakarta (where i live) because we dont get the rest of the series hereee,,,, its sad,,..please!!!

    i love the way you writekeep up the good workk!!! :))))

  32. I luv all your books



  34. i like your madison finn books they are amazing i am now in capter 2 of all that glitters it is going on so good but i hate stories with boyfriends and like kissing in the mouth

    love from
    halla magd mossad

  35. OH GOSH! Maddie is just like me and mostly faces lots of problems like me tell u wt it totally helps me pass the day :)
    pls continue writing from the files of Madison Finn series
    i plead from all my heart & ya pls make a bigfishbowl
    yours till the websites 😀

  36. I’m reading the Madison Finn book. AMAZING!!! It’s my favorite book! Please make a real! It would be awesome to go on bloggerfishbowl, too!

  37. Your awesome, I am 10 going on 11 in 16 days, I just got your book at the scholastic book fair. I am so glad I did. I have read 58 pages in just 2 hours. Bring it on, I want more….. Thank you for being an author for me….

    Mackaroni 123

  38. Hi! I am a 21-year old gal but I am an avid fan of the Madison Finn series ever since the books were released. I’m from the Philippines and it was a little bit harder to collect all the books but I was able to do it with the help of my godmother who lives in the US.

    I’m just wondering, have you ever thought of writing more Madison Finn books? Except maybe making them a little bit older like the Sweet Valley Twins series turning into Sweet Valley High? Just a suggestion because I would love to read more from the series. What I just do now is write fan fictions on what may possibly happen to them in the future. I post them in if you have time to read some of them.

    Thank you and keep writing please! :)

  39. Amirah Ashraf

    May 15, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    im totally in love with the madison finn series !!! i think you should write more books on her going to 8th grade and so on … i actually came here to look for the mad chat dictionary but where is it ?
    so please, laura dower if you see this, PLEASE MAKE BIGFISHBOWL.COM SO I CAN GET OFF FACEBOOK AND GO THERE 😀 <3

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