Best Friends Have a Lotta Art 3


Sometimes the best thing I can do for a friend is make her (or him) a pretty picture. Or, as I like to say, pretty goofy pic. LOL.

The scribble scrabble art above was something I did for t-shirts at my daughter’s birthday party. All the girls colored theirs with neons and reds and purples and then danced around to Rhianna and Lady Gaga.

Hey: what’s the funniest thing you ever made for your BFF?

(Me? I used to be addicted to collage boxes. I would cut words out of magazines and glue ’em down to old cigar boxes. I once made a shell box, too, using about 100 shells I collected over an entire summer.)

P.S. When you drop me a note, please let me know the state/country where you live. But you know cyber-safety: never, ever tell anyone online your full name or exact address. Ever.

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