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Image result for clouds nyc springtimeSpring is really here in New York. Sunshine. Breezes that wrap warm around me. Today is a little bit like a poem. It brings up old and new feelings and makes my toes tap (just a little). All day long (well, it is St. Paddy’s day) I’ve been humming Celtic riffs. There’s a box accordion playing in my head.

But it’s hard not to think about Japan and the aftermath of that horrible earthquake and tsunami. What a week. Those brave men who are in the nuclear power plant, trying to get it right, risking so much danger; putting out their best for a country facing its worst. Japan has already rebuilt in its lifetime after World War II…and now faces the task of rebuilding again.

What do you really know about this part of the world? Have you been reading the newspaper? How do these major events make you feel about life there–or here? Is anyone reading this from Japan?

There are always so many questions to ask.

Yesterday I visited my daughter’s class at school to teach writing. I’m going in for a few mornings this spring to do fun stuff and try to inspire the kids. We worked on description together: brainstorming, dreaming, getting our heads chock full of sensory details like sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. We listened to music; ate chocolate kisses. The kids were so smart! Everything we described together turned into a poem.

My favorite was The Clouds.

And clouds is a timely topic, isn’t it? I am, of course, thinking (again) about Japan, whose clouds have changed this week. Their clouds are now contaminated over that part of Japan where the nuclear reactor is damaged.

There are moments when everything and everyone must come together. That’s when REAL spring comes: green, warm, welcoming. I hope the Japanese will find their spring again.

Let’s all hope for that.

Hey, one more question (because I can’t help myself):

If spring = hope; what do YOU hope for?

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    I WANT to get accepted this skoolll and they tell me in mayy im really nervous i hope they accept m and i have butterflies in my stomach cause nxt year its goin to b my 1st year in MIDDLE SKOOL this year time has gone faster then fast as madison finn would have said i really am nervous hw skool would be how it would be from class to classs ughh gonna be hard lik the 1st day in middle skool for madison finn book 1?

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