Eavesdropping 4

Been a long time. Again. Sitting here at a coffee shop, deeply inspired to check in with my web site visitors because I’m turning to you for HELP! I am stuck inside the vortex of someone else’s conversation. ANNOYING conversation. And I need to keep working here, despite the noise.

What’s a writer to do? Well, you tell me!

I always listen close and look for details that inform my current (and future) stories. But I remember that what’s private should be respected. I usually listen in on chatter without attaching faces or specific people to it.


The best ideas are whirling all around us. Sometimes we just have to recognize that they’re there–even in the MOST annoying conversations that seem to eat up our own private spaces. Whew.

Hey! There’s more news on my stuff in the world. Read on…

Aggie is fun new character brilliantly illustrated by Genevieve Kote! CHECK OUT A RECENT COMIC THAT APPEARED IN ISSUES OF THE AMERICAN GIRL MAGAZINE…

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PSSST! HAVE YOU CHECKED IN WITH MADFINN LATELY? NEWLY UPDATED MADISON BOOKS AVAILABLE FROM OPEN ROAD MEDIA! There’s one newly revised title that’s super-fun for Valentine’s Day. Check it out! Right now there are 16 books available in e-book format. More coming soon! AND THERE WILL BE A BRAND NEW MADISON COMING THIS SPRING!!! More news to come….

Finally, a question for all of the readers out there:

WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MADISON FINN GO NEXT? I can tell you that I’m bringing her to eighth grade, FINALLY, and there are lots of new peeps, new obstacles, and new adventures in store. But since she’s been around a while–I am guessing some of you have real ideas about things you’d like to see her do.

WRITE A COMMENT BELOW AND SHARE YOUR IDEAS! Pretend you’re sharing in a coffee shop and I just happen to be listening at the very next table…LOL.

Yours till the book ends,

4 thoughts on “Eavesdropping

  • valerie

    I am so excited that you are writing more Maddy books! I’ve been a fan of since the series was in original print so I am a slightly older fan but it makes me so happy that my favorite series from when I was younger is being brought back! I am sure that whatever you write will be great and I’ll definitely be picking up a copy 🙂

  • Lilly-Jane

    I am a HUGE Madison Finn fan and I have read all the books. Up in eighth grade maybe Maddie opens her locker and gets these secret admirer notes? And maybe there’s this prom coming up. I don’t know. You are the author, it’s up to you, carry on writing!!!!!!!!!!!
    From your number one fan, Lily-Jane.

  • Kira

    I have been a fan since I was in 5th grade when I read “Sink or Swim”. And now that I am about to go to college I still love going back to read the adventures that Madison Finn.

    I would like to see Madison experience:
    Preparation for high school.
    Long distance relationship with Hart on BigFishBowl.
    Bullying, particullary cyberbullying.
    Her Dad and new Step-mom Stephanie are expecting a baby.
    Her mother is dating a guy she doesn’t like and gets engaged.
    Madison gets stuck with Ivy during a field trip assignment.
    Her laptop goes missing.
    Joins the newspaper club.

    I hope these are good ideas!

  • Jessica

    Madison Finn was my childhood/early teenhood. I’m twenty now (!!) and I’m ecstatic that she’s back and going into 8th grade; I still have all 25 books on my shelves and still read them, and I will keep reading and I’m not ashamed to say it! 🙂

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