I’m always falling into something.

True confession: I am a klutz. Or at least that’s how I saw have seen myself for most of my life.

I sometimes trip over my own feet because it feels like I’m in a rush to get somewhere, always. It’s like I’m on the ground and someone is raking leaves over my head. I feel like I can’t get ahead of my to-do list. I feel like everyone wants me to move in seven directions. I feel like all I really and truly want to do is curl up under the pile of quilts on my bed and dive inside my imagination and pretend that maybe I’m somewhere far, far, far away from school or work or the people who annoy me…

Know what I’m talking about? Escape hatch. Running away. Make believe.

Image result for houdini escape

And then suddenly it dawns on me: my JOB is running away. My job is making pretend I’m in a new place every chapter, every character, every plot. I’m letting myself get overwhelmed by the crazy when what I really need to do is EMBRACE it, dive in, suck it up with a straw. I’m in a new place every chapter, every character, every plot.  How can I be overwhelmed by a life of words? I can write myself out of it. I can make things work.

I’m curious, people out there who happen to be reading this blog: what overwhelms you? And how do you make things work? How do you ESCAPE?

I’m still working on all of the above. Making sure my laces are tightly knotted. And keeping that smile on my face. Because next time I trip over myself or trip into someone else, I want to bounce right back and keep my chin up. I will write myself a happy ending. I will escape with joy.

Happy FALL, everyone. I mean it in the best possible way.