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So tonight I’m hanging out with my daughter. Our entire house has been sucked into the strange and awful flu zone (some of us have flu, some strep, all tired). Anyway, we’re talking about girls at school, books in class, and life in general. She calls herself “Curious Georgette” lately, which is pretty cute, especially when she smirks at me when she says it.

Then she drops the A-bomb: she’s reading Nancy Drew in school. My heart stops. Nancy? Fancy Nancy? DREW?!

I know it’s not that unusual. Most pre-teen girls dabble in the Drew at least once in their lives; and have been since the 1930s. But my daughter’s admission sent my head reeling. Of course that could have been the Nyquil.

Here are three editions of Secret of the Old Clock. Which was mine?

This was the edition I took out of the library. I loved Nancy’s style in the old editions. The 1970s versions were way different.

Nancy Drew for me–only child, library dweller, and mystery nut–was sheer salvation. Anytime I was sick as a child, Nancy was my best company. At age 7, I remember being stuck inside with a fever, reading The Secret of the Old Clock. I scribbled something on the inside cover saying so. I still have that book.

Somehow, across time, my daughter and I have been connected again by books. We did it with Pooh. And Jam for Frances. And those ducklings in Boston Common.

And now, how so like Nancy, to show up and save the day. Tomorrow, I am going down to the basement to pull out my old copy of Secret in the Old Clock, the book I held in my hot (literally, hot with fever) little hands back in 1974.

I will now pass it on to my own budding detective, my very own Curious Georgette. Nancy lives!

Hey, before I sign off, I’m just wondering: 

What do you like/not like about Nancy Drew books? What’s the best mystery you ever read?

Drop me a note. I’d love to use this blog as a place to answer questions and address comments & thoughts from readers. Thanks for taking the time to check in!

6 thoughts on “Fancy Nancy Drew

  • BG

    I don’t know why but I love mysteries! I have read some of the Nancy Drew books and loved em!

    What I like:
    The mystery
    The shivers!!

    What I don’t like:
    When the book ends

  • JK

    Mysteries make you want to keep reading. They make life more exciting then it was before. You then also after you finish which everyone does not enjoy, you feel thankful that you have a safe life. Nancy drew mysteries make you feel like you are part of nancy’s life which I enjoy.

  • ED

    I like feeling like yourlife is now part of a mystery, like something could go wrong at any second. (I’m waiting… still waiting… 🙂 )

  • MK

    Well…the best thing is that everything is just like its part of your life…
    When there is as creepy scene can feel the shivers…and when everything is fine again…you feel the happinesss..!!!
    One thing that I love about Nancy Drew books is her friends…
    What I have always noticed is that her friends never left her side even once …
    Even if the case was very dangerous..they were always ready to help…
    ANd the worst part is (just like BG said)..when the book ends..!!!

  • Mariah

    I Love EVERYTHING about Nancy Drew! I even love the movie! My favorite case was the 999 steps… though I’m not sure about the title…anyway…I love it!

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