Having a Heat Wave

Pssst! I have not vanished again. I am here! The scoop: sweat and loads of it. Temps near me in NY reached the triple digits this week with the humidity index included. Maybe I can blame the missing blog posts on the heat?Oooooh! Let me share something fun and cool with you (since it’s so darn hot). Just out, in the most recent issue of American Girl magazine, you will find my new comic, illustrated by the superfun Genevieve Kote. It’s in a “New Department feature” called ACCORDING TO AGGIE. 

What a blast to brainstorm, create, and now write this feature! I’ve been working with my editors on it for almost a year. Chapter #1 is featured on a spread in the July/August 2013 issue. Each comic has a mini-theme. The first issue’s theme is “Birthday Party Panic!” As in: Aggie’s b-day is on the way…but her sometimes-pal/sometimes-enemy at school, Fiona, plans her party on the exact same day! What will they do?

The pic above only shows one spread, a little fuzzy, so grab a magazine to read the whole thang-doodle. And it’s waaaaaaay more fun to read when you’re holding the comic in your hot little hands. (Note use of word “hot” in the spirit of this 100 degree day.).


In addition to Aggie, have a new book series starring some furry friends. For those of you unfamiliar with my brand new books, the series is called Palace Puppies. Ruff! Each story tracks the amazing adventures of two royal pooches. Since it’s a summer of all things real-life royal (Princess Kate Middleton is just about to have her baby!), it seems fitting that my new books star puppy royalty. They’re just right for 2nd – 4th grade, or as a read-aloud for younger kids. Maybe you can read one to yourself–or your younger sibling/cousin/pal–this summer?

Sunny is a lady-like goldendoodle, and Rex is a mischievous beagle. Together, they love living in the palace with their owners and best friends, Princess Annie and Prince James. But when Jackson, a royal pain, who just happens to be the guest of honor, shows up and threatens to ruin the birthday party that Annie and James have been planning for him, Sunny and Rex embark on an adventure to save the day. Can they help their best friends, cheer up the grouchy guest, and rescue the party before everything comes crumbling down?

Of course, Aggie and pups are only the first of many new projects on the horizon.

Check back here soon for a detailed blog post about the return of my middle-grade series FROM THE FILES OF MADISON FINN. Briefly, I’ve been updating all 25 books in the series for a republishing bonanza this September!!! Updated text, all-new covers, and a whole new audience? You betcha!

There’s nothing sour about this summer…

Keep cool, everyone. I wish you continued happiness in summertime. Wishing you no bee stings, please (ouch, my son got two in one day), AC all over the place (even though your electric bill = insane), and lots and lots of sugary-sweet lemonade.

 Send me a comment on this page and tell me the sweetest thing about your summer…so far.

Yours till the rain bows,