The Web Site is Finally Here! 25

*gasps and whistles and a few detached groans*

I know it seemed like I would never resurrect this web site–or my communication with fans. Seriously, readers (and other bystanders): I owe you a big, fat, hairy apology.

Okay, leave out the hairy part.

But, I am sorry. SO sorry. For not writing back to fans, for not updating the old site sooner, for not getting hip to the blog life before now.

I could rattle off a zillion reasons why I failed. Here are the top 8:

  1. My Nana had it right when she told me, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” (Chomp, chomp.)
  2. I had three kids in a row and slid into mommy land, leaving a lot of writer land behind.
  3. I wasn’t paying attention and suddenly four years went by. Jeepers, some of my Madison Finn fans from way back are probably out of college by now.
  4. Kids took up more time and energy than I expected.
  5. Did I mention that I had kids?
  6. I joined Facebook. Oy.
  7. I am easily distracted by just about–Hey! Look! Squirrel!  (Yes, that is an UP reference.)
  8. And the truth: my original “flash” web site was a lotta fun–but I could never quite figure out how to update it on my own and then the person who designed it for me up and moved away to become a musician and not a web site designer and then I just gave up when I should have tried harder. Boo hoo.

But let’s face it, we can all beat ourselves up for our mistakes. You know what I mean? End of story: I’m here to start over.

And so, without further ado, may I present this way less flashy but waaaay more informative web site. As the snow from our winter-from-hell begins to melt, I’m coming out of my own huge freeze. There’s a big thaw all around.

I like new, don’t you? Like a new pair of shoes or the smell of fresh paint. I’m embarking on new projects, new writing workshops, and new everything–and I plan to keep you all updated right here. Click around for all the information. And visit often!

Thanks to each of you who ever read/is planning to read/is reading one of my books. I owe you a very big virtual hug for stopping by and sticking by me. I promise I will do better. Drop me a note and tell me what you think–and what you’d like to see on my page.

25 thoughts on “The Web Site is Finally Here!

  • Emily

    I love your books! Especially From the files of Madison Finn. Please keep writing those! 🙂 ♥

  • Lizbeth

    I LOVE your madison Finn books! I just barely got into them because my cousin showed them to me, so at least one of your fans isin’t in college! 🙂

  • Fabidoll

    Yes please! keep writing madison finn books, they relate to an every day teenage girl life 🙂 I L O V E them <3

  • Anomynous

    I absolutely L- O- V- E the Madison Finn books!!! Please keep writing more!!! Could you possibly make a website just like the in the Madison Finn books, so you can go in chat rooms??? It would be awesome if you would!!! I’m a HUGE fan!!! <3 🙂

  • Jeanne

    YAY LAURA! I LOVE your “from the files of Madison Finn” books you should write more of those!!! please? lol. You should put up pictures of your kids they are a big part of your life now just like us and they need to be shared 😉 !

  • BlackEssence

    Laura, I am SO GLAD you are back, woman! LOL! I am 24 years old now (b-day was on St. Patties Day!) and I have and own ever single Madison finn book and special items that they came with still! I loved the series very much and it would be awesome as heck…if Madison came back and she was in Highschool. LOL! You know, she’s in 9th grade now, puberty has hit her like a ton of bricks…LOL! Just a whole mess! But, I would so love to know what you are writing now! Gotta get more of ya!

  • Meredith

    Hi Laura!!
    I love, love, LOVE the Madison Finn books!!!
    I’m getting ready to go to middle school, and Maddie has gotton me through A LOT!!! The books are fantastic!!!! And, you know, you could always write another one sometime!!! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  • MadFinn

    OmG, i am reading Madison Finn, Boy, oh Boy the second time. I am reading them over, and over again! Please write another book of Madison. Everyone will love them. But i was a bit confused cause i one book its winter and in Another she is in summer, and it was the next summer ( she was supposed to go to grade 8, but Fiona was there, and her dad was married but she still was going into grade 7 ) lol, a bit confusing, but very, very ,very good! Please write a couple of more.

  • Stephanie Gonzalez

    Hi my name is Stephanie and i live in San Antonio and i am a huge fan of your book like the boy next door and miss popular. So i am doing a report on you and i would like to know how many kids do you have? When you get this please reply. Thanks ,
    Sincerely Stephanie

  • A Fan

    Hi Laura Dower,
    I really hope you are reading this because I’m a really big fan of yours. I really, truly am. I’m also a fan of writing stories and the kind of stories I like to write are the same kind as those in the series of Madison Finn, stories similar to my own life That’s why I’m telling you that never, ever as long as you live quit writing this series (unless you run out of ideas which if you do you can always contact me =)) because I promise you there are a million fans out there who looovvvveeee reading your books… I reccommend Madison Finn to any kid stuck on what book to read. I hope you read this and do me a favour on behalf of all your other fans. Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeee get a site made like big fish bowl because after reading the books I really can’t imagine how a site like this cannot exist for us kids these days… It is an amazinggggggggggg idea that has to be made reality and it’s all up to you to do so !!!!

  • Cody

    Hi Laura. 🙂 I’ve been reading your books since I was in 5th grade. I remember writing to you very long emails from your previous website (TWICE) and I’m still hoping for a reply. Lol! Haha, anyway I’m a Junior in High school now and I remember going to the bookstore with my dad and buying any book that’s Laura Dower. Siiigh good times. :)) I hope you’re writing something new! Can’t wait’ love lots, your fan. Cody. Tc!

  • Joyce

    Dear Ms. Dower,
    I first picked up one of your books when I was in the second grade – and now I’m fourteen! I love the some-of-you-are-probably-in-college reference (Not quite…yet). Your whimsical writing and the Madison Finn characters (Hart, Egg, Aimee, Fiona) are all coming back to me. I remember periodically checking your old blog when I was younger and for some reason today, a flashback of my wonderful summers filled with immersing myself into a good Madison Finn book all came back to me. Out of curiosity I decided to check the site again.
    I remember being sorely disappointed when posts became more and more sparse and eventually seized all together. Hahah, I still remember the last one being about Webkinz, and seeing it over and over! I’m glad to know that you’re back into blogging.
    You really inspired my love of reading. I’m in my first year of high school and English is my favorite subject. I truly believe that the reason why I love it so much is because of your books. They allowed me an outlet, even at a young age. Reading can be fun – and not boring, and I think that kids these days don’t think that’s true. Thank you Ms. Dower for sharing your love of writing with all us girls!
    Without you I would never have had the delightful experience of walking into Borders ( 🙁 sad it’s gone now!) with a Seattle’s Best hot cocoa and cuddling into a reading nook with one of the books. I remember forcing my dad to buy every one and I still have them to this day!

    With much love,

  • DivaAsmita

    I love From the files of madison finn super editions!! Keep writing I am in 4th grade and i love madison finn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paige

    I’m one of the Madison Finn fans and I can say I’m just graduating high school, so we’re not tooooooo old yet 😉 However, I still enjoy sneeking in Mad Finn time, curling up with a favorite book of the series and reading it. They never get old no matter how much I read them. And I’m ecstatic you finally have an updated website!! I got so sad checking for years only seeing a blog about “High School Musical 3” or 2?…I can’t even remember. Well anyways! It’s lovely to see you haven’t disappeared off the planet!


  • katie

    you need a! i read mad finn and i really can’t believe you haven’t made one btw im in fourth grade not college 😉 🙂

  • riya

    i HART madison finn i am exactly like her
    i have a orange bookbag
    i HART my laptop
    and if you write another maddie book
    it will be greater then great

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