Just Desserts

Let me think. What are MY favorite desserts?

Our family tradition for birthdays tops the list: Angel Food cake with strawberries and homemade whipped cream.

There are variations on the awesome chocolate chip cookie. That would come second.

In third place: any number of “special recipes” that friends make like tiramasu, amazing flan, coconut cream pie. All stuff I’ve never baked in my kitchen. Not yet anyway.

When I began working on the first Dessert Diaries, I needed to get inside the mind of a baker and create a bakery that would be the most magical place imaginable. Well, not Everlasting Gobstopper magical–but something you could imagine existed down the road or up the block. Daisy Duncan inside the bakery came to life with her frizzy head of red hair and her stash of secret recipes.

Then I realized that by writing about cookies and cakes for hours meant I would indulge in every sweet thing imaginable–and not gain a pound or get a zit. I wouldn’t stay awake for hours if I lingered too long on the chocolate cake chapter. I could get sugared and dusted and frosted…and be just fine.

I set out to “research” some bakeries in NYC. That was delicious. Then I surfed online looking for bakery menus across the country, searching for special recipes or funky details about the bakeries themselves.

What comes out in Dessert Diaries is one truth: sometimes comfort CAN be found in a cookie; just not in the same way you think. I’m not talking about emotional eating here. LOL. I’m talking about how Daisy and her bakery make everything right by messing up a lot of things along the way. Their “shamans” just happen to be a gaggle of bakers.

I hope you will like meeting each of the girls who have their own story taking place in and around Daisy’s Desserts (the name of the bakery). Each story stands alone-it is the bakery that connects the books; not the friendships from book to book). BUT. Look close and you will see that Emme appears in a later title and when we meet Maggie we realize we’ve seen her somewhere before. Worlds collide, in an interesting way.

As the back of the books say, “Friendship is the best recipe.”