Lucky 31

Okay, so I had to go to this shmancy dinner thing tonight. The kind of party where you spend all this money on raffles and win some dopey mug or a teeny picture frame you’ll never use.

And get this: I won! I got two awesome prizes, including a dinner party for TEN PEOPLE in my house. Hey, I wish I could invite all of you!

So I’m thinking, with my lucky loot tonight…is it time to rush out and play the lottery? Is my luck–somehow–looking up? Should I up the ante on luck–and go for broke?

I have steadfastly celebrated my lucky number as NINE for my entire life. Seriously–I was born on the 9th of the month at 1:09 AM. That has to mean something!  Despite this oh-so-lucky numeral, however, I was never the kid who won the raffle prize or who got picked first for basketball. And I sure didn’t guess the number of jelly beans in the jar at the school fair.

Not me.

Image result for black cats screechI ran the other way when I saw black cats. I crossed my fingers (and toes) a lot. I decided it was smarter to belive in leprechauns than not to believe. I never stepped near a ladder, let along walk under one. And one day I just I stopped saying, “Lucky you,” because it felt like I was giving my luck away.

But not tonight. Tonight I feel lucky. And I’m rolling with it–and my amazing dinner.

Tell me about one time when you had a lotta luck. I love hearing stories.

31 thoughts on “Lucky

  • BlackEssence

    LOL! Well, while I’m not superstitious person, I was born on St. Patrick’s Day….so, I guess I was a born a lucky charm! lol! Stupid boys, I wish they could see how lucky it would be to be with ME. *kicks a rock* Bwahahahah!

  • MadisonFinnTV

    Hi laura!!! I have been working super super super hard on this project I’ve been wanting to do for a long while. It’s called “The Madison Finn Movie” lol
    Yep, I just posted the trailer on my youtube channel for madison finn the movie.
    I really would appreciate it if you got the chance to take a look at it because me and my friends have been working hard on it 🙂

    youtube channel:
    madison finn trailer:

    -yours till the madison finn movie <— lol

  • Mariah

    I was in a movie premiere it was VERY private, so you need a private ticket that can’t be sold, well, anyway I got the ticket because I won this contest. These tickets were like raffle tickets before the movie starts someone calls about 10 raffle numbers and if you get picked, you get a prize. Now, I didn’t expect to get the prize because I always lost before, but to my surprise I actually won! I was so amazed

  • Eesha

    One day in my school talent show, me and my sister danced two diferent solos. I was sitting next to this girl who found a purple sticker under her chair. The thing was that if you found a sticker under your chair you would win a prize. I was a bit jealous cuz she found it but I was a bit happy for her too. Then the person announced the class who made all their students pay in first and the prize was a free bowling game. GUESS WHO WON???? MY CLASS!!!!! So the girl beside me felt crummy but atleast she won something. And then in the end my sister won the solos dance and she won 100 bucks!!!! I guess that was my luckiest time!!!!

  • shanice

    hi.the lucky time i got is when i had to trick my brother into giving me a sweetie.he wanted to tell on me. but i gave him (2) sweeties

  • MarcelleloveLauraDowerBooks

    woo i never had luck not even once. you know i just wish madison,Hart,dan,egg,aimee,poisin ivy and all the characters even phony joanie, were here. God make it happen please! that would be good luck! (sigh) have you made new madison finn books?

  • cheyann

    you know i started writeing book’s be cuz of you i just love your book’s from the files of madison finn i just love them 🙂

  • Caitlin

    I love your books! Im reading To Have and to Hold now. I’ve read every one of your books a thousand times!!!

  • Madison

    Hey Laura!I’m in fifth grade,and I’m just starting to read your awesome books!I thought your books were going to be boring but…….THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!So I just wanted to say AWESOME writing.Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brittany Ashley

    One time I had luck was……
    When I was in 3rd grade I found out I was moving schools. It was horrendous! I had to leave my friends, teachers, and even went from Montessori to Traditional!(Much easier to spell, and explain Traditional.) Anyways are school was having a talent show and since it was my last year me and my friend HER were going to dance together. We practiced for a week, then had to audition! We were so not ready! Lucky for us they decided to give us more time. Whew! It ended up canceling but we had fun practicing! And that’s all that matters to me. 🙂

    P.s. Can you write some writing tips please Ms. Dower?

  • MarcelleloveLauraDowerBooks

    I am sooo happy i haven’t read all the madison finn books now i have more to read!:)

  • iluvfinnbooks

    Hold on MadisonFinnTV! Those pics on the trailer are from the movie The Clique! Is that on purpose?

  • Liz

    My most lucky time was when I won 500 dolllars in a raffle! I wasn’t even the one who put the ticket in though! 🙂

  • Iluvmadfinnbooks

    Well one time i went to a dance competion with my dance team and we were soo scared that we did not make it we all prayed…and the next thing we knew we WON 1st place!! 🙂

  • MK

    Laura, is this true?
    Is there going to be a movie?
    I just don’t believe this!
    If there really is going to be a movie..who is going to be Hart Jones?
    Hmm..well, anybody who knows, tell me all about it..!!!

  • MK

    Laura, I just read a another book of yours, The boy next door
    Loved it!
    THought you’d like to know..!

  • Shilohlover62

    I ran a 5k this Saturday and afterward I won a door prize! It was burritos for four free at Chipotlie!!!! It’s my first door prize I’ve ever won!!!!!

    P.s. Idk how to spell Chipotlie LOL! Don’t judge!

    Till the 5k runs,

  • Charm101

    So I’ve only read five of your books and let me say this: your books are like my real life! Madison is actually the name of my friend but they aren’t really alike. I think of myself as Lindsay. I’m not very popular, and not very neat either but I’m great at one subject and it’s friendship. I have a million friends lol, but I really do have alot. And one of my friends was very good luck. One of my friends named tylie moved to a different school in third grade, but her cousin named Brianna was in my class. She is the nicest girl on the planet and we have so much in common. And I thought I was alone like big wheels. But I wasn’t. Bri was my good luck and I was hers. She didn’t have that many friends so I guess we just kinda became bff’s! Again, love your books!
    Yours till the friends come,

  • She is NC

    Lucky? how do you define that?
    oh well. We don’t consider luck in our religion.
    But just leamme share this to you, it’s DESTINY. *laughs!*
    It was our enrollment days in our university.
    I was expecting that that day would be one of my boring and ordinary days.
    sooo, I was on this crowd and when I turned back, I saw my damn ultimate crush.
    and he talked to me. I had so many pretensions BECAUSE I was pretending that I was not happy seeing him. Really, I held back my feelings. i mean, my smiles were not ordinary. and then after that, my day was sooo brightened. ya. that’s all. nothing to be interested. haha

  • iLovemadisonfinnbooks:)

    hi laura i absolutly LOVE ur books my Favorite though is Madison Finn books!!! they are very very very fun to read!!! i hope that i will be a great reader like u one day too!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my name is lenaya amy wittenberg and i am in fifth grade and i am 11 yrs old and i LOVE to read!!!!!!!!!

  • lizzi

    hi i love your book i read all of them everytime i go to the bookstore i always look for your book my best friend move a way i saw the look madasion finn best friend forever i love it lol

    -lizzi <3

  • madison

    i LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • kalie

    when are you going to blog again??? I have been waiting on updates from you I wanted to hear from you soo badly. And now you don’t even blog any more… Kalie

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