Madison Finn RETURNS 2

Once upon a time there was a little made-up place called Far Hills. Madison Francesca Finn lived there with her Mom and Dad (who were split up) and her friends and a very snorty pug named Phineas T. Finn, aka Phinnie. It seemed like she was in seventh grade forever (yeah, she was). Now she’s making the move to eighth grade and welcoming a whole bunch of new drama with it. Because what’s tween life without drama?

I cannot tell you how much I missed this girl. Madison and I lived through 25 books and countless online and offline adventures. New BFFs. Enemies. The veterinary clinic. School. The pool. Budge Films. There it was: the universe of Madison Finn laid out before me. I had to reenter carefully. I had to step back into Far Hills. My publisher (second time around), Open Road Integrated Media, created this most-excellent map of Far Hills for me. I used it as my guide back into Maddie’s world–and mind. I wanted her to be wiser than ever, especially about matters of the Internet.

Here’s what’s really cool about being back with Madison. I now have–in real life–my own twelve-year-old-going-on-thirteen daughter. She isn’t about the drama; not really. But she’s emotional, creative, curious, easily frustrated, strong, athletic, smart, compulsive, anxious–and a zillion other unpredictable things.

When I worked in publishing long ago, I had the great fortune to work for and create promotions for some of the best young adult and juvenile authors out there. One thing they all told me without fail (especially RLS): “Don’t expect your kids to read your books. They won’t. Get used to that.

I had braced myself years ago. And now my daughter was actually READING and liking all the old and the new Madison Finn books. Even the new one!

It feels good to welcome home an old friend.

But it feels even better to share that friend with my daughter.

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