Spring (Almost) 3

I can almost smell them from here.

Turn the clocks ahead. Grrrrrrr. I’m already missing that hour.

What do you look forward to MOST when Spring comes? Gimme your top five Spring things. I’ll bet $5 that Peeps are on everyone’s list. My top 5:

1. Warm breezes

2. The smell of hyacinth (one of my fave flowers)

3. Spring break!!!! (Of course)

4. Green everywhere

5. Okay fine. PEEPS!

Send me your list. I’m waiting. You can send me your Cadbury chocolate eggs, too.

3 thoughts on “Spring (Almost)

  • BG

    1. Warm breezes (like yours)
    2. The flowers
    3. The green (like yours again!)
    4. More time to work on my stories
    5. And peeps 😀 (I am serious I love the peeps!)

  • Charlie

    Not a big Peeps guy. But if you get between me and any package that says “Cadbury” on it, we’re going to have problems.

  • Jane

    1. Spring Break ( which I am on right now)
    2. PEEPS
    3. My Birthday
    4. Easter
    5. Writing, writing writing
    6. Reading, reading, reading
    7. Warm weather

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