Summer is Back. Me Too. 2

Sun shining. I’m inside writing. Sort of. The words EPIC FAIL were probably originated when used to describe my success as a blogger. Look, it’s not for lack of desire. I want to have pen-pal (or e-pal) relationships with every kid/reader/fan. I want to know what you are thinking, what you are doing, where you are going, why you do all the groovy things you do. (And what sorts of things are you doing lately?)

Am I being the Mayor of Excuses Village AGAIN? Hah! I can see from my past blogs how I always dig up some wacky reason why I haven’t blogged. I should probably write an entire BOOK of excuses. Do you ever find yourself stranded in Excuses Village?


Awww, enough’s enough. Right? Let’s skip over this Summer Guilt today and forevermore. Let’s sip some icy drink and slip back into blog mode with stealth and intention. Let’s pack our bags and ditch Excuses Village FOR GOOD.


First stop: The Great Unknown.

Well, here are some things I do know:

A big shout-out and THANK YOU to blogger Bree Crowder whose “These Words Matter” section featured ME this month. What an honor. Thanks, Bree. You unknowingly kicked me right in the pants to get my own blog in order. (If you want to read the post on Bree’s blog, check it out here.)

Guess what else? (And you heard about this a while ago.)

Madison Finn has been reinvented a bit. Yup. The old titles, books 1 – 25 are ALL AVAILABLE in updated e-books. I went through them all and added bits and pieces to make them new-ish and bring the technology up to date. Everything is in one spot now. Find all the revised and updated Madisons online right here.

Dangnabbitty, I wrote A NEW MADISON, too! It’s all done!!! Madison Finn: Back Online is officially coming in 2016. It will be released as an e-book original but hard copies will also be available. I will do teasers here once final pages come in. Cool cover to come, too. Very exciting indeed.

What a long, strange journey it has been with Maddie. Coming back to her after so many years was a huge challenge. And a joy. Beyond joy. She is like an old friend. Our old friend. In addition to Maddie stuff, let me give you the 411 on some other things I’ve been up to:

Working on new series also coming in 2016. Not sure what I can say about it yet except that it involves cookies and cream puffs. More secret reveals including cover art coming soonish. (Gee, that’s cryptic.) In the meantime, here is a photo of a cream puff:

Image result for cream puffYummmmmm.

*drools a teeny bit*

I have some fun new American Girl magazine fiction coming this year and next year. The swim story below is loosely based on my daughter Olivia and her actual swim team, the Stingrays. This is probably my nod to the last few years of being a total SWIM MOM, enjoying the fragrant chlorine mornings or sunburns from standing at the end of a lane to time a meet for three hours without a break. And check out the fab illustrations from Erin McGuire. Look for it in the special issue for Summer 2015.

Image result for american girl story swim into deep end

Another American Girl magazine story arrives in Fall 2015 with lovely illustrations by Marta Kissi. Can’t wait to share this story of a girl who finds her own secrets in the school garden.


And yet another “gee, that’s different and how lucky am I?” project I finished this spring involved working with some very smart scientists, teens, and digital educators at the Museum of Natural History. I now know more about zooxanthellae than I ever thought possible. Yeah, look that up. Cool word, right? The kids who developed the augmented reality programs and scripts were part of a project called MicroRangers. Can’t wait until the actual thing is created and goes live in the museum. I will be first on line….

Oh, and one more mini-thing: I’ve secretly been working on a boy novel. Shhhhhhh. BOY!?? Deadline: this summer. Need a little boy to balance out all the girl stuff. And I am writing it to surprise my agent. She’s been waiting for me to write it for about five years now.

*nods, grinning*

Here’s the thing about life as a writer: sometimes it feels like I’m all knotted up in one project. Other times, I am writing and juggling many new things at the same time. Lately I am the latter, with suntan lotion on the side. Juggling is interesting. But sometimes it takes us away from finishing one thing at a time, and enjoying every single moment unto itself…

What kinds of things are YOU juggling in real life? I want to hear about them. Will summer be a time of peace…or craziness? Send me a brief rundown on your plans. And dreams.

My summer’s resolution: stay far, far away from Excuses Village. Yours?

Yours till the ice cream melts,



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  • Laban

    Summer is indeed back! It’s got my back. I’ve backed into it this year and I’m backing it to the max, Laura. Thanks for the awesome update. It’s great to know you got the mojo.

  • Brittny Williams

    :O I cant wait for the new Madison Finn book to be released. Will she be older? Some many questions :P. I’ve always love Madison Finn books. It actually helped my with my parents divorce back in 5th grade. I’m going to high school now. Can’t wait XOXOXO

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