You’re Gonna Need An Umbrella for this Blog Post 2

Yeah, it’s actually raining (well, drizzling) today. But I’m cool with that. Because there’s a much bigger weather event happening right here, inside my brain.

Yes folks, I’m having a BRAINstorm.

Have you ever started a journal enthusiastically and then get distracted and then…come back and your last entry was dated a year ago? That’s sort of like this blog. Where did the last two years go? Gee, I hate to waste space apologizing YET AGAIN for my disappearing blog. So instead I’ll just bring on the babble. And as the heading for this blog says…er…you’re gonna need an umbrella for this particular downpour of thoughts/ideas/stuff. Random thoughts + writing news = so much to share.

Let me organize my brainstorm this way: here are some things that are going on RIGHT NOW IN MY HEAD that you absolutely need to read about.

1. Numero uno: TESTS

I’m going to start with an apology to students in the USA who have just survived weeks of testing. I know it stinks, having to spend SO MUCH time taking practice tests and then sitting through the real thing, chewing the end of your No. 2 pencil down to a raw little nub.

I am guessing most of you are survivors and did well–or tried your very best. And even if you don’t get that high percentile score, let me tell you this: I AM PROUD OF YOU. I am proud of everyone who gets through these tests. Just remember that you, special person/reader/student are defined as SO MUCH MORE than these test scores. Even the most supersmart of all peeps among us can fail these tests or choke under pressure. We have to remind ourselves in the midst of testing that no matter how heavily tests are weighed on the scale of life, they will always be just ONE TEENY PART of you. So, in conclusion, take a deep breath when it comes to tests. Be happy they are done. And  immediately following completion of the tests, go read a cheeky magazine you love or play baseball or paint a picture with your toes or turn the radio up very loudly and SING.

You deserve it.


I’m on a mission to get in shape. My kids are pestering me. I’m trying to cook healthier. I want to get out and walk every day. Walking is food for the writer’s head, too. I inhale breezes, notice all the bugs sneaking back out now that it’s spring, look for a bunch of different color flowers around my neighborhood, try to SEE everything.

What do you see when you look outside your window? Is something looking back at you? Hopefully not a zombie or a stormcloud. Something more like this:


Somehow, I’ve been working on a bunch of new stuff and it’s all landing at the same time. Whew. Here’s a quick hit list of books-n-stuff that you can expect to see from me in the coming months:

a. PALACE PUPPIES. I have a brand-new chapter book series coming from Disney. Check out this link for a description of the book(s) on

b. AMERICAN GIRL. I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been working on an uber-special NEW character for a comic in American Girl magazine. The illustrator is fab. The stories are funny. I can share more about this soon once the July issue goes on sale. And by more, I mean: show you the groovy art.

c. MADISON FINN. Hold onto your hats. Madison Finn, a series I wrote more than 10 yrs ago, is BACK! I will devote an entire new blog post to this NEW AND IMPROVED return of Madison. Over the past 10 years technology has changed dramatically. Madison needed a reboot to reflect the changes in technology. So this summer, many of the books are being updated and republished as e-books with new covers, new details, and more.  MORE TO COME, including pics of new covers…..

Zeeps! I want to post this before any more time goes by, so I’ll sign off now. And will return with more news and thought bubbles later in the week. Send me questions and I’ll answer them!

Yours till the book ends,

p.s. I mean it about the questions. SEND THEM! Have your own brainstorm and come up with something juicy! Or just share a story with me. I like hearing about stuff that’s happening at school or in your corner of the world. Always.


2 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Need An Umbrella for this Blog Post

  • Cassidy Mitchell

    your books are great please continue to write and inspire new and upcoming writers

  • Mila

    Oh my god! I can’t believe you are updating Madison Finn!!! Is there going to be anything new? yes, I know I’m 21 now! but I’m very excited about this! That series has stayed with me all of this years and I will not miss out!
    lots of love for you Laura!!

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